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    Hey Guys!

    Let’s start a happiness thread to keep us all focused on the good things in our world.

    SHARE: One good thing that happened to you today?

    It can be anything from completing your to do list, to enjoying some time with friends, or even making time to do something special for yourself…


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    This is such a cute idea!

    I bought myself a new coat today for the new season – I’ve been looking at it for ages and I LOVE it! ☺️

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    I just love this!!

    Long story short my friend went for an eye test last week and got emergency referred to a London hospital due to a lot of pressure behind her eyes. Many tests later relealved that she didn’t have a brain tumour (THANK GOODNESS) however she now has a life long disease that is controlled by regular lumbar punctures (fluid drawn from the base of the spine – nasty painful things!)

    So today I woke up.. I breathed in my three children jumping all over me. I messaged my friend and told her I loved her – I even created t shirts as her courage throughout inspired me so much.

    And That’s what I’m thankful for.
    Health, family, friends and life.

    What a cheese ball! 😁

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      This is so lovely Elsey – so glad your friend is ok. It’s often things like this that make us appreciate what we have even more!


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    Today I took a day off and I REALLY needed it!

    I spent time with my boyfriend, ate good food, built some furniature which actually relaxed my mind and I had a lie in!

    Productive day for the soul and I loved it!


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    Today I had a lovely catch up phone call with my sister… It was so nice and very much needed!

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    Today I returned to work after a holiday. I thought I was going to dread it, but realised that I really enjoy my job and the work that I do with people. They also let me leave a half hour early due to jetlag! winning!!

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    My lunch at Starbucks was free today!

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    I GOT A NEW JOB!!!! So happy as I really hated my old one and needed a change haha

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    Yesterday I went for a lovely walk with my girlfriend and the dog which we all really enjoyed!

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