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    Hi, I suffer really bad with ptsd. Does anyone else or have any tips for coping or flashbacks?

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    I don’t specifically have PTSD but I do suffer from severe anxiety attacks.

    What helps me is some grounding techniques –
    Look: what different things can you see all around you?
    Smell: what can you smell?
    Hear: What sounds can you hear around you?
    Touch: what would you be able to touch, different textures.

    Maybe this could help when you’re having a flashback maybe?


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    I had a car accident when I was younger and got sever PTSD.

    The things that helped me were focusing on my breathing and telling myself I was safe to help remind me it was in the past and not an imminent danger.

    I also carry a little trinket with me that helps remind me im in the present and not anywhere else if I’m having a flashback when travelling in cars with other people.

    Hope this helps! It’s horrible to be in this position especially when the flashbacks happen out the blue.

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