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    Hey guys!

    I run two businesses and I LOVE my job but because it’s my passion I find it really tricky to switch off and often end up working myself into a burnout where I get run down and poorly.

    Anyone got any tips for switching off and giving yourself a bit of space from stress?


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    I think it takes discipline to switch off in this day and age. I find if you’re running your own business having a separate work phone is so important, and turning it off at the end of the day. If you worked in an office you would do your 8 hours and go home-it should look the same for when you run your own business. The hours might not be traditional or even consecutive, but you still need time to you. You just have to work on allowing yourself to turn off the emails and phone!

    Every evening at around the same time for about an hour I put my phone in airplane mode. This becomes “me time”. I watch tv, read a book, take a bath-do whatever I want that isn’t tied to my phone (texting people, reading emails, scrolling social media, etc). I find having that break has been really good for my mental health.

    Not sure I’ve given any real tips on how to make the change, but I do agree that it’s difficult sometimes to switch off.

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    The headspace app is really good to help you switch off!

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    Deffo worth switching off your phone or putting it on airplane mode for an hour or so a day.

    I do that and watch a programme I really want to watch without being disturbed!

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